Thank you for helping women survive childbirth


Every four minutes a woman in a less developed country dies because they don’t have safe access to the drug oxytocin. The incredible team at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, working with their partners GSK, McCall MacBain Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada and Planet Wheeler Foundation, have developed a powder version of oxytocin which patients can inhale - no need for fridges, needles or specialized medics. But we still need additional funding to get this project across the finish line, and start using it to save lives.

“The simple fact that people in developing countries don’t currently have reliable and continuous access to electricity or a fridge doesn’t mean they should be excluded from this life-saving medicine that is readily available elsewhere.”  Associate Professor Michelle McIntosh.

You are giving a gift of a brighter future for many women, children and families around the world. Thank you.

Your gift could support:

$1000 - an honours student research project for a year
$324 - three focus groups with eight mothers in rural India
$110 - two interviews with obstetricians in a low-income community
$55 - our data collector in Ethiopia


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